[SOLVED] Help finding a few things

Hello everyone.
I am new to Armory, and trying to find my way around.

So far, I ran a test, and saw the default cube in a krom window.

The window is partially outside the screen resolution though, and I want to change the window’s location, etc.

I looked through the docs here, and read something about Armory scene, which I don’t see. Or is this the Scene Collection?

I also saw this

To enable it, activate Armory Project > Flags > Debug Console . You must enable Zui at Armory Project > Modules > Zui > [Auto or Enabled

, but I don’t see Armory Project anywhere.
I hope I am not missing anything.
The only buttons I see for Armory, are in the right pane and looks like this…


I found the buttons, so don’t worry with this.
I needed to go to the render tab. :smile: