[SOLVED] How do I reset the UI scale?

I accidentally entered a high value and now everything is huge and I can’t reset it, please help

Hi, ArmorPaint stores the configuration in a file called config.json which is usually located in the data folder next to the application binary. In that file, you should find a value called window_scale which you can set to 1 in order to reset the scale. Make sure that Armorpaint is already closed while you edit the file, it overwrites the file content if you close the program.

In case Armorpaint is located in a folder with limited file permissions, it tries to find a different path for the configuration file, but this depends a lot on your system. For example, here is the code that determines this path on Windows, here for Linux. I don’t think that there is any documentation or specification for that…

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Solved via How do I reset the UI scale? · Issue #1638 · armory3d/armortools · GitHub