[SOLVED] How to create seamless portals

How do you create seamless portals?

There are two aspects of a portal. One is the visual part and the other is the navigation part.

For the visuals, you could place a camera at the output portal and render its output to an image texture on the input portal. This is generally called “render to texture”. There are logic nodes in Armory that can do this.

As for the navigation/ movement, you would have to simply “teleport” the player character from the input portal to the output. For better visuals and smoother transitions, you could also use a duplicate dummy player character on the other side.

What are the nodes you are referring to?

Draw camera to texture node

I tried to use it but it doesn’t create the render of the camera on the material

Okay, I need some more info about this. Some screenshots of the current node tree setup. Both logic and shader nodes. And if possible, also the blend file.

How should the node tree and the material node be configured?

I solved the problem by unchecking parameter in armory material node of the image texture node