[Solved]How to mark a topic as solved?

The topic says it all, any answer would be appreciated.

I don’t think there is ‘way’ to mark topic as solved but you can edit you title and add [Solved] before it.

There isn’t a way now. There is a plugin for Discourse that can be installed that lets people mark posts as solved though. It just hasn’t been installed.

Personally I find it very useful on other FOSS project forums though. (hint! hint!)


I just noticed something…
2 users have been able to modify my posts?
Why is that?
@BlackGoku36 changed name for this topic and @Monte_Drebenstedt locked my other post. is there some kind of exploit on Discource or do these people have specific ranks?

They both seem to have the “Regular rank” with the maximum of “Member” Sub-rank.

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Dead meme BTW. :unamused:
although i guess it’s not intended.

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There are different levels of trust of users:
level 1(Basic): Default, that is when you create forum account.

level 2(Member): granted when you are come weekly, and are sort of regular.(You)

level 3(Regular): granted when you become regular part of community.(Me, montedre), you can edit thread’s title and recategorize thread’s topic and can do what level 2 and below peeps can(you saw me do it).

level 4(Leader): you can do anything, that is you are literally god.(lubos)(note: this level can only be granted by staff, can’t be achieved)

groups: this is group and people inside this group are given particular power in forums, there is only one group currently, that is moderators(montedre, and others). Mods can delete, archive, close, etc topics and can also do what people of level 3 and below can.

Scroll down to Trust levels in here to find out more(numbers indicate how many people have it)

let me guess…Godot 3? :thinking:

idk which meme you are talking about? :thinking:

Ok now i understand, Thanks for mentioning.:smile:

Ugandan knuckles.

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I didn’t mean dat wae brudha :smile:
Anyway it #offtopic now

Now add tag ‘solved’ to your post to show that it is solved.

That’s It! Thanks for mentioning!!