[SOLVED] Is it possible to achieve with armory 3D?

hello eveyone, I’m not a developer or anything like that. I have a commercial project that would require a product configurator to embbed to an e-shop.
I’m actually searching for solutions to build this configurator even if I would not build it myself.
with this configurator I need to be able to select objects from the UI (make them appears in the scene or any other ways) and drag them in the scene to were I need them depending on constraints (attachments points, attach to nearest component, etc…). Of course the configurator should be able to interact with woocommerce or prestashop do get the prices of the elements and add all the elements to the customer’s cart.

here is a link to a competitor that is doing the same thing


Do you think it’s possible with Armory 3D ?

ask me if you need any other informations, thanks for your help

The Armory license allows the distributing and publishing of commercial games.

While I don’t personally have any experience with creating Ecommerces, I would wonder if using open source software would be the best method for the platforming of financial interactions? While not always true, open source can tend to mean content that is subjected more to insecurities, because information and data is more exposed to the public and all to see.

Do you think it’s possible with Armory 3D ?

I unfortunately don’t have the answer to this either. However, I would say this: if you’re planning to use Armory for Ecommerce because it supports exports to WebGL, then I’d recommend perhaps using other, web-first software such as ThreeJS, BabylonJS, and PlayCanvas. They’re primarily focused on web-visualizations / interactions and would be the most suited for real-time (or static) rendering in browsers, while maintaining adequate performance.

Armory’s WebGL capabilities are impressive, but they’re definitely not the best choice when compared to web-first engines / frameworks. UnrealEngine, Unity, and other software that support WebGL exporting are the same way - they may have more better editors and tools, but their performance on the web can be very less capable.


I would recommend you look into hiring a Three.js developer or someone that can use similar WebGL tools rather than a game engine like @rpaladin suggests.


ok thank you for your feedback !!

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Good afternoon.
Perhaps I was late with the answer.
You can choose any library. It’s just that Armory3D doesn’t have the examples you need, since no one has undertaken or done this.
And now the advantages of Armory3d relative to Threejs, Babylon and others.
1.All webgl is now polygonal, and the volume is often limited by the system and hardware. There is no polygon constraint in Armory3D.
2. Particles, only in code, but in Armory3D out of the box.
3. In Armory3D, shaders interact more correctly with blender. There are two connections to them. Through programming and through nodes.
Threejs is all about programming.

Even if you do it in another library, you can return to Armory3D.
It is easier to transfer the configurator from library to library if the source data (models, materials, layout) are made in one blender system.

But the main thing is to accept that the configurator does not sell products, it only shows.
And with the help of what, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is quickly and beautifully.

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I would also recommend looking at Verge3D, since it is designed to integrate into Blender in a similar manner as Armory does, but is focused specifically on exporting interactive 3D content to the web. Their examples focus more on product showcasing and customization than on actual games, so that might be more what you are looking for. I would guess it’s somewhere between Armory and those other professional solutions recommended above.

ok, thanks ! yes I have looked at what verge3D can do and it is one of the options I have selected. I also picked playcanvas et unity. I may need to do the mvp myself so I need something where I can learn quickly.

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ok thank you, I could possibly do without the selling option but at the end I should be able to do so. searching for an other solution