[SOLVED] Issues with Armory 0.3

I have been trying to get up and running with Armory again and am running into a bunch of issues.
1st - the play in viewport button disappears
2nd - when I play a scene in browser or Krom i get a black screen - the cycles render works fine in blender
3rd - when I do get the player to work (not sure what I did to get it to work) it creat black materials with a normal map plugged into the Armory (or Principled) shader. Seems to work with out the normal map. Sometimes I get an error in the building of the project too.

Are there certain addons that don’t work with Armory?

I have tried both the full SDK and the plug in versions and get mostly the same results.

I can add more details if anyone can tell me what I should be looking for or posting to help.



The Armory PBR shader has a “Normal Map” node already included, so it bugs out if you add another one before it. Hitting “Clean” in Render Tab -> Armory Player sometimes helps a bit on random occurring problems.
Can you replicate the issues you have reliably? Maybe add them to the issues page (including the .blend there would be handy)

On the Normal point. Does this mean that you plug a normal .png directly to the normal input without the Normal map node in between?

I am working on testing the rest to find out what is going on and documenting almost every change I make to see what the issues are. I will post what I find.

In the case of the Armory PBR, yes. With the principled shader node you still need it, but the strength value will be ignored.

That solved the Normal map issues. After resetting Blender to factory specs and disabling all the add ons except armory I haven’t had the issues but will continue my testing and see what happenes - trying to document all changes for debugging and fining the right settings for the project.

Still have lost the play in view port option - not sure what to do about that.

Thanks for the help

Hello, just to inform that i have corrected the title of the topic from “Amrory 3.0” to “Armory 0.3”.