[Solved]Mouse coord node when the mouse moves to the edge of the window, the movement property is 0, how to solve?


If you don’t need the Mouse to be visible, you could lock the Mouse.
Have a look at the “logic_gate” example i think:

If you need the mouse to be visible could you give us more detail about what you want to achieve.

I think its correct that the value is 0 when the mouse doesn’t move any further.

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But this does not allow for a sustained angle of view (like CS, as long as the mouse is dragged to the left or right, view rotates all the time),because the mouse moves to the edge of the window(The mouse is still moving, just to the edge of the window), movement becomes zero。

That is the point of the mouse lock. If you lock the mouse, you will still detect the mouse movement. It isn’t actually glued completely to the center of the screen, it more ends up dancing in the center of the screen as you move it and it gets moved back to the center automatically. Usually you would hide the mouse so that you don’t see it doing that.

If you lock the mouse, hide it, and listen for movement, it will never reach the sides of the screen so you will be able to detect its movement regardless of how far to the left or right you try to move it which is exactly how to handle something like looking around in an FPS or something like that ( don’t know what CS is ).