[SOLVED] Multitouch example from zicklag throws 404, any other similar examples?

I think this is a must have for mobile devices. Why does it not get fixed, if it already used to work?

Is there some working example, nodes or haxe i don`t care? Anybody planning to make one or know why it can´t be done?

Hello. Firstly, I assume you mean this post from zicklag?

The example was renamed to input_multitouch.

Unrelated, but next time you find one of the links to a no longer existent Armory browser demo, you might try seeing if you can find it under a different filename in the current Armory browser demos list. Each of the current demos have source download links.

Haxe seems to be the only way to get multi-touch info. With nodes it evaluates always the first touch only.
As their is probably a hard reason that this function is not exposed to nodes, i will try to brew something together in Haxe. A node construct like this is always Zero as the two touch locations are identical.

I am trying to set up some pinch and zoom with Armory3D, in order to not only get pinched in forum posts :wink: If i only could figure out how to get the touch location, the example is rather cryptic for me.

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I can’t be entirely sure because I don’t have my Wacom tablet setup to my computer, but the On Tap Screen node might be more useful for getting touch location.



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Finally found something promising in the Virtual Game Pad named Logic Game Pad under official examples. Dissecting it now. Got a bit distracted as i found the new network nodes. Very interesting.