[solved] Node color at creation

Would it be possible to set the color of a logic node when it is created? … like an option in the blender.py file

I don’t believe there’s any option for that yet, however if you select any armory node, you can click the “Open node source” button in the right hand bar to see the actual source code for that node.

I suspect that the colour is set somewhere in blender’s theme css file(s) though, so it would probably be covered by editing the Blender theme…

@Armored_Blob the blender.py file allows you to set your own new categories for your own logic nodes … the question is to be able to set as well into blender.py the color of your own logic nodes.

Otherwise you have to think to do it each time you add your node in your node trees…
Usefull for readability/maintenabilty of code when you have lot of node trees

Add these on the “def init” for the node.

self.use_custom_color = True	
self.color = (1.0, 0.5, 0.0)

@AFWS88 thanks for solution :+1: