[SOLVED] Node walking, character walking interruption

May I inquire about how to address a situation where the controlled character occasionally halts its movement while moving forward and turning?


I can reproduce your described unexpected behavior whenever holding both of the turn keys: A & D simultaneously / together.

I would recommend adding some more input to detect whether one of the turn keys are not being pressed while the other turn key is being pressed.


[A] pushed + [D] not pushed -> Turn left
[A] not pushed + [D] pushed -> Turn right

The issue occurs because you detect for all key releases. So when ā€œWā€ is kept pressed but ā€œAā€ or ā€œDā€ is released, the animation is set to idle. Until some other key is pressed.

One solution could be something like this:

Blend file:

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Thank you for your teaching; I have gained knowledge from it.