[SOLVED] Not possible to start in Browser or Krom on MacOSX

Hi Everyone,

I have a small problem: I cant start the games in the browser.
When I start in Browser I get this error message:

Exporting Scene
Scene exported in 0.014s
Finished in 6.954s
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/jbinswan/Documents/ArmorySDK2210/armsdk/armory/blender/arm/handlers.py”, line 143, in poll_threads
Server already running
raise e
File “/Users/jbinswan/Documents/ArmorySDK2210/armsdk/armory/blender/arm/handlers.py”, line 136, in poll_threads
File “/Users/jbinswan/Documents/ArmorySDK2210/armsdk/armory/blender/arm/make.py”, line 490, in build_done
File “/Users/jbinswan/Documents/ArmorySDK2210/armsdk/armory/blender/arm/make.py”, line 561, in build_success
browser = webbrowser.get().name
AttributeError: ‘MacOSXOSAScript’ object has no attribute ‘name’. Did you mean: ‘_name’?

If anyone can help me with this I would be very thankful.


Hi, Armory changed the way it starts the webbrowser in the 2022.10 SDK (see this and this for some technical details), and apparently there are still some problems. I’ve added a comment on one of the related GitHub pull requests to notify the author who introduced the changes, so this issue is hopefully fixed soon. For now you should revert to the 2022.09 SDK, then everything should work again for you :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, and since your title also mentions Krom, there is another issue on MacOS that seems to prevent Krom from finding the game’s sources: https://github.com/armory3d/armorcore/issues/44. Unfortunately there is no active Armory contributor on MacOS, so a few issues were going unnoticed for a long time.

thanks for the fast reply!

Switch back to 09 then :smiley:

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