[SOLVED] Play sound when object is falling down

this nodes don’t play sound.

i tried with mouse left click and there is no problem with sound. i can hear. but with this nodes i can’t hear any sound.

where is the mistake?

Hi, a general rule of thumb in Armory is to match the logic node socket colours.

In your logic node setup, the result of the math node is connected to the post sound node. The play sound node needs an action input (red socket, kind of like a “trigger”).

So, try replacing the math node with a gate node to check if the value is less than certain other value at every on update.

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Hey,there are several ways to do this, but this is closer to what you’re doing. I guess this is what you need.
You will notice that the music will stop when it touches the floor, you can also adjust the gravity so that the box falls faster.
one more piece of information, you will notice that the value of the origin point of the object to be checked is at (0.52) and the origin point is also in the lower part of the cube…
This is because the (initial origin) of the cube would never cross the floor and therefore the music would not stop…
I could change this for a (raycast) and leave the (initial origen)

additional info
in case you want the music to stop when you the (cube) are below the height of another object, you can use these nodes


Thanks. It’s works :slight_smile: