[SOLVED] Playerobject falls over

Hello, everybody,

I wanted to use my winter holidays to get into Armory. First I wanted to build a third-person-controller. The node system in Armory is very untuitive and so I was able to navigate my test scene after a few minutes.

Unfortunately, my playerobject tends to fall over in complex collision detection. In Unity I would now simply set constraints to prevent rotation over X and Y. How do I do that in Armory?

ThirdPersonDemo.blend (586.4 KB)

Set the rotation in the physics setting to 1.
It reduces the rotation changed over time.
Hope it helps.

Thanks Aqua, this makes it better but if i try a little i can still make the object fall over.

In the FirstPersonController example (https://github.com/armory3d/armory_templates/blob/master/first_person/Sources/arm/FirstPersonController.hx) there are at the very bottem two lines of code commented as //Keep Vertical. Maybe you can use these for your project.

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that worked, thank you.