[SOLVED] Portable device / tablet & Armory... (for creation)

I’m considering a laptop / tablet for using armory. Something like an MS Surface or similar.

Anyone using any of these and have any feedback?
Pros / cons? Things to avoid? Preferences?

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Similar at less than half the price. Bought one of their super thin, fully Aluminum,Win10 Mackbug Air clones for approx. 300.- Euros couple of years ago. Great buy, 8GB Ram, no moving parts, absolutely no noise. But be aware that with an integrated graphics you are limited (same for Surface). I bought it as tertiary system. See yourself:

Laptops, Tablets etc.

I hope their products are still as good as the one i bought. Changing fast nowadays.

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Thanks! Yeah, I’m hoping I can work logic and functionality on the surface type thing and then finish graphics on the desktop.

Really appreciate the link!

I just had a look at the offers of some second hand sellers. They are good for buying used professional laptops as they get replaced by companies in whole lots, worn or not. As most people avoid to touch the biz laptop when they don´t have to, most of them are in excellent condition. I found one which is well designed and comes with touchscreen. Some sellers, however, sell you the pressure sensitive pen as extra. The touchscreen should allow you to test the user interface of mobile apps already in the browser on PC. Not to underestimate as a feature for Armory3D development.

HP Elite Book x360 1030 G2 starting at 250 .-

Please check for specs and pics via Google. There are probably equivalent products from other manufacturers.

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Great advice!

  • touchscreen! Brilliant - hadn’t thought about that!!