[SOLVED] Possible to store different views of Armory project for both desktop and mobile devices in same project?

Can I program a file so that it looks one way on computers, and another way on cell phones, or would I have to have two different files?
When viewing my work on the cell phone, it needs a button that allows the user to return to a menu, but this button is unnecessary for computers, since the scape key is for this, or what recommendations can you give me?
Here is my work, so that you have a better context of what I am talking about, the button that I mention would have to appear to be able to return from the part of the world view, to the option to choose other worlds (as I told you this would be exclusive for cell phones, because for computers said button would be superfluous)

You can check which device your application is running on using the Get System Name node.



P.S. Your link doesn’t work for me.

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Thanks for the info, I’ll check it out