[SOLVED] Problem with instanced objects

I had to grow some grass particles on a plane whose density is based on image texture. Since Armory does not respect texture-based particle density, I figured a workaround:

  • Make particles in Blender
  • Convert them to Mesh objects (When converting Blender automatically links Object data to the main Object)
  • Parent the instanced objects to the main Object
  • Enable instanced rendering (Loc+Rot+Scale)

However, the objects are never rendered. The objects are present and visible in the scene according to the Debug Window.

This is the case for any particle…Cube, Cylinder, Plane…

If I manually make linked duplicates of the same objects, they render perfectly.

Not sure where I am going wrong. Could someone please help.

Okay, so restarting the Blend file somehow solves the problmem.