[SOLVED] Question about constraints on [x,y,z] axises & rotation on global axis

Hi guys
I have a question about the rotation and limitation (constraints) of an object when using nodes
basically my intention is to rotate a platform with the keys
(w, s)[X axis at 20 -20 degrees] and
(a,d) [Y-axis to 20 -20 degrees]
[to global axes]
so that the floor is limited to the degrees set when executing my action
something like the mechanical game that swings in amusement parks
In conclusion, is there an example or thread that I can see to get an idea of ​​how to do this, thank you very much in advance

example gif

I found a way to “constrain”, but…
When reaching or exceeding the rotation limits that I set, my object jumps to adjust to the rotation limit, although my intention is that no rotation is executed while it is or tries to exceed that limit
Does anyone know how I could adjust this, to avoid that if I’m holding down the
(example) W key
stop executing the rotation?


I found a way to limit rotation
I don’t know if it’s the best or most elegant, but… it’s what I was needing

blend file