[SOLVED] Rain In Armory

Rain effect its possible?

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Well like in any game engine you probably want to use particles. So yes of course it’s possible. Use the blender particles to set it up and in the particles tab under armory props just click loop and you will have a basic rain system. It’s all a question of customization

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To implement rain particles, you can go the old-fashion route of using textured planes. Here’s some examples on how this use to be done in the Blender Game Engine (and ported to Armory or any other 3D game engine).

Showcase (BGE)

Tutorial (BGE)

You could implement a post-process/compositing shader, but that’s usually difficult, as you need to pass the player camera’s rotation somehow for when it looks up or down, to allow the rain particles to remain static (and not rotate with the camera), because they’re screen-spaced, usually. To my knowledge* (I could be mistaken.).


It was simpler than I expected. Thanks for the help.


Can you tell us the solution? Perhaps it will be useful to someone else

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