[SOLVED] Reason for Black Screen

I’m trying to understand the reason for the black screen
I looked at this thread, as well as this, but neither of those seem to help.

It’s puzzling, because The examples run fine, without that issue, but once I start a project from scratch, I get a black screen.
The thing is, I don’t always get a black screen… maybe 9 times out of 10, and that 1 time becomes the 10th time, when I restart Blender.

I tried enabling and disabling “Legacy Shaders”, but that made no difference. Except that I got this…

Error compiling to GLSL ES 100: Unsigned integers are not supported on legacy targets.

when running an example in the browser, having “Legacy Shaders” enabled.
I don’t get the error with “Legacy Shaders” disabled, but the screen is black.

I really would like to get this solved, and move on, so it’s really frustrating me.
I’d appreciate any possible solutions. Thanks.

Hi. A slightly dumb question from me, but have you tried clearing your project cache?

Well, am I allowed to ask a dumb question… Why did that solve the problem? :grin:

Yes, that worked, so your question was a good one.
I guess an example or two, uses a different glsl version, which doesn’t work with the latest renderer?

I’m not sure of the technical reason why you were getting GLSL errors, but the cache can cause problems at runtime because the cache is attempting to access or set data that no longer exists.

To prevent this problem more in the future, you might consider disabling the cache setting. Be aware that not caching results may result in much more loading times, because it has to compile everything again.

What about the browser?

Do you have any idea why the screen is black in the browser.
I don’t know how to use a different browser without changing my default browser. Are there settings for doing so in Armory.

I’m using Internet Explorer.

Please check your browser’s console for errors. Most browsers have F12 to open their console.

To my knowledge, no, at least not without modifying the Armory add-on’s source. Maybe open a feature request on Github and request a feature where we can state a custom browser (not just default browser). Similar to how the Armory add-on allows custom choosing of a text editor.

Once your run your project in a browser, and you don’t exit Blender, the created localhost should remain active, allowing you to simply copy-paste the localhost URL of your compiled HTML5 project: you can find the URL in your default browser when it opens with your compiled project.

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Thanks a lot.
The project worked well in Firefox (no black screen).
I guess Internet Explorer settings may need adjusting, but I won’t worry with that.
I’m happy, to get past that problem. :smiley:

I suspect your Edge browser has cached the export build as well. Try refreshing after attempting to clear your cache.


Yes, but you need to set an environment variable for this: Custom play launch commands by tong · Pull Request #2605 · armory3d/armory · GitHub.

As for using Internet Explorer, I guess one can expect that things don’t run as smoothly there. Kha has some IE specific code, but I think it’s not tested very well and I’m not sure if anyone still cares about it… I wouldn’t be surprised if Rob (the Kha developer) decides to drop support for it now that Microsoft doesn’t support it anymore.


We should document this. I don’t think it is.

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I don’t know what that did to my system, but after setting


and running Play, Blender froze. In fact, everything froze.
I had to do a hard reset.
After boot up, Blender would not open, but the console error message read…

Failed to replace function free in module ucrtbase.dll

A solution on this page - set TBB_MALLOC_DISABLE_REPLACEMENT = 1 got Blender running again, but I didn’t like whatever happened there, so I did a system restore to set things as they were before.

Not going to try that again. :disappointed_relieved: