[SOLVED] Sketchfab-like camera movement

Hi … I found a simple-ish way to re-create the kind of camera movement that allows you to revolve the camera around a 3d object in much the same way as scetchfab or verge3d. It requires 2 empties as well as the camera… the camera should be the child of CamX, which should in turn be the child of CamY. These empties should both be in the centre of the world.

Hi, i tried to set it up, but somehow my version seems hard to control and way to fast.
What is wrong?cam.blend (944.6 KB)

You also might want to have a look at QuantumCoderQC´s solution here.

Look at the Get Mouse Movement node.

You want to come out of Multiplied X and Multiplied Y rather than X and Y.

That solution y link to is very good and only needs 1 rather than 2 empties!