[SOLVED] Textures with Armory PBR node possible yet?

First I would like to congratulate Lubos on an awesome project! The progress made so far is incredible!! I have really high hopes for this project going forward, and I hope that I will be able to contribute both monetarily and with testing/debugging/feedback.

Now to my question… is it possible to use textures with the Armory PBR node yet? I get a black screen when trying to play the project with a material setup like this:

Solid colors work fine, and the project plays as expected. Perhaps I’m using the wrong nodes when loading the textures? In the terminal I can see that the mesh is exported when using only solid colors, but when I use the image textures the exporting of the mesh does not happen. So I know something is going wrong there but I have yet to find a way to see what that error is.


The culprit is probably texture format, only ,jpg, ,png and ,hdr formats do work right now. Will add a warning in the next build and eventually support all formats that Blender supports.

Let me know if that fixes it :slight_smile:

Yeah, your suspicion is correct. I used TGA. I switched to PNG and it worked right away :slight_smile: