[SOLVED] Trying to get Html5 games to run on Itch.IO

I tried to follow a tutorial for publishing HTML5 games and that seemed to work. But when zipping HTML5 folder, I’d have thought that would work with itch.IO, but I guess I’ve done something wrong.

This is the tutorial;

Exporting Armory 3D games to HTML #armory3d - YouTube

I attempted to upload what he’d sent to Github, only I was hoping to do the same thing with Itch.IO
I’m assuming someone has figured this out as a result of one of the Armory engine jams?

Any guides or advice or instruction with this would be majorly appreciated.

Hi, what folders did you upload? Also, it is also not quite clear what the actual issue is. Do you get any errors when uploading/ running the game?

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Itch throws an error when I upload this which states there being an issue with the execution.

As per the tutorial, I zipped the folder with the index and game icon in it. Not sure if I needed additional folders?

It might help to take a look at the structure of a working published HTML5 game and see how far off I am from having it set up properly.


Will check out this post here for any clues:

I just tested the Google drive link on that forum and the files are no longer there, so I can’t use that to troubleshoot the issue. Any basic Armory HTML5 test builds ought to help guide me. An actual guide would be brilliant, but happy to study existing projects.

You would need both the build/html5 and build/html5-resources folders for it to work. Here is one of my test projects on GitHub, published for HTML5:

I suggest trying to publish a default cube project, as it gives a more predictable result and the number of things that could go wrong is minimal.

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I just did one more test and got it working just with the HTML5 folder zipped:

Test Armory Engine Game by Simondos (itch.io)

It actually works! that being said, you’re saying to include the HTML5_resources? Are those essential? What happens when I leave that out?


I don’t think they’re essential for HTML5 exports.

Feel free to try yourself. I don’t think anything will break, but then again, I can always be mistaken. There is no harm in trying/uploading to test.

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