[Solved] Type not found - Node Tree with/without Fake user?


I’m very excited about Armory and the possibility to use nodes for the game logic.
Had some great success with test files.

For some days, the compiling fails a lot. error: type not found. -> name of a node tree.
The same node-tree in the same file was working before. nothing changed for this node tree. I was only adding new objects with own node trees.

could not find the reason for this.
probably because sometimes it makes fake user -> trait name becomes red, because name of nodetree changes?

triggerenemy -> Ftriggerenemy -> F triggerenemy?

error in console:

What have I done wrong?

That was a problem that I recently fixed. The fix will make it into the next 0.6 Alpha if it isn’t already in the latest one.

If you want to, you could manually download and replace the files from here to get the fix. ( Tell me if you need more clarification on exactly how to do that )

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great. thank you for the fast help
I updated armory this week. after this compiling was not possible anymore. (even the startup scene with cube failed). so I restored sdk.

With the updated files it is working.