[Solved]U.I Score System

I want to build a score system that increases with time like in "Temple Run " or “Subway Surfers”
using nodes.
Any Help is appreciated.

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Try this

There is two properties “score” and “playing”.
Score will increase each frame and stop increase if “playing” is false.


@MagicLord Thanks for the help, but this does not work.

It was not tested, i will make a version i will test.

did you attach the nodetree to something in the game and did you fill in the object values when you tested this. It should work just fine.

@Monte_Drebenstedt I attached it to my player and also filled the values (player)

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@Monte_Drebenstedt and @MagicLord, I have got it myself.
Don’t know what was I doing wrong but found another way.


Awesome. That is great.

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First created a UI canvas with empty text object(No text), named TextScore.
Then attached it to the camera and this logic tree to the camera as well.
Hope this helps you in some way.
Yours sincerely,

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