[SOLVED] Virtual gamepad Haxe script update?

Have been thinking about Armory 3D and android and thought of a really useful update that should be implemented in the virtual joystick example. An option to only set one of the joysticks visible in the Trait properties section. This would be really useful.

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hi, if this is still relevant, I can send a script in which the right joystick is commented out. and it is not visible.

Привет. Could you please post the blend right here? I would also be interested. Btw I looked at your site where you published videos about some quite nice 3d configurators (I like the scooter one most). Don´t you think it would strengthen a potential customers confidence, if you post some real interactive website programs instead of videos? At least just some of the best. Just a video does not give the same feeling.
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I just commented out lines 106 +110

VirtualGamepad.hx (3.0 KB)

on the site above each video there is a link to a real-time example


Good work. It is fun to use your presentations. I wish you good business.

thanks. we all do useful things together

This is great. I have move away from android game building but seeing this makes me intrigued.