[SOLVED] Webcam Available?

Can the engine access the webcam?

Yes, I think so: https://kha.tech/api/kha/capture/VideoCapture.html. To my knowledge it’s only available on html5 though, and it’s not really documented.

Only on html5? Does that mean it can only be used on the internet? Or rather, only on a website?

Yes, it has to be in a browser then. It might also work with electron but I haven’t tested it. If you need this functionality on other targets you should probably open a feature request on the Kha repository: https://github.com/Kode/Kha/issues.

I think I might just try Unreal instead. Thanks for helping.

We’ll miss you.

In any case, I answered a similar question a while back, if you’re interested in some further information: Can you pick up a phone's camera feed? - #2 by rpaladin