[SOLVED] What sound engine does Armory use?


What sound engine does Armory use ? In particular I’d like to know how it compares to the Blender sound engine Audaspace ( Audio System (aud) — Blender Python API ). Can it deal with large audio buffers and reversing (playing backwards) audio as well as pitch (speed) control ?




Out of the box, Armory does not use a feature-rich audio “engine”, its audio implementation is based on Kha’s audio implementation (Kha is the framework Armory is based on), which is very rudimentary and pretty much only allows to play, pause, stop and loop sounds, to set their volume (in Armory you can automate this based on the sound’s distance), their playback position, and to use their sample rate to change their pitch and speed. There were/are(?) plans to extend this functionality by 3D sounds (using panning), but they were never really pursued.

However, you can achieve much more by using external libraries. There’s Aura, which I developed specifically for Armory and Kha, and there are other libraries like haxe-fmod (Haxe bindings for the FMOD audio engine) and grig.audio (a rather low-level audio framework providing you with the tools to build a proper audio engine on top) which are probably worth a look as well. I never tried haxe-fmod and grig.audio myself, so I cannot tell you how well they integrate into Kha and thus Armory. If they suit your needs, expect that you might need to slightly adjust their code in order to work with Armory.


OK, thanks I will check that out.