[SOLVED] Where can I get the early BGE - cycles Armory?

I remember Lubos was firstly showing Armory as a new Render engine for BGE

Is there a downloable copy of it ?


why do you troll on regular basis ? it has nothing to do with what i’m asking.

You can see up there in the screenshot that it’s a < 2.8 blender and it’s running in the Cycle Render engine in the viewport.

Side question, that early version of Armory uses the duo bge bricks + python api ?

What´s that?

Please do not make accusations on this forum, even if you are not satisfied with the answer. Rpaladin was offering you, what he sees as the best downloadable alternative for your demand. He used to be a BGE dev and helps in Armory3D development and does NOT troll. He certainly does not deserve to be insulted. It might be a good idea to stay friendly, if you want to get some quality answers. Calm down and think about it.


Hi ! are you done virtue signaling ? Thank you.

it’s ok he trolls me (we were used to do so some years ago) by making downloading and unzipping some 250mb file but if he works for Armory he could, in a second time, become serious again and give an answer by himself … no ?

RParkour , are you here ?

The download link (should) contain the legacy version you were asking for. It hasn’t been done in that manner in quite a while, due to changes under the hood with 2.8 and above. But, the earlier versions are what you are describing.

No, the older versions (from what I remember) don’t use the programming methods that the old BGE used (bricks + python), but use the nodes and Haxe scripting like now.

And, even though rpaladin is not a girl, I think what 3D-Penguin was doing was less “virtue signalling” and more “white-knighting.” But, rpaladin actually did give you, essentially, the correct answer to your question. So, if he has trolled you previously, he was either taking a break or trolling you by telling the truth. Lol

Hope this helps. And let me know if there’s any more details you need cleared up.

i was asking for that armory version running in Blender 2.78 as you can see in the screenshot and the title of the thread. I recall having seen Armory running in the viewport with cycles. But since you are telling me that Armory never ran with Python/BGE Bricks, my interest lost its object.

I should give a try to Armory once again, just afraid i could’nt replicate all the functions one have in UPBGE or worst, acknowledge the limitations too late.

thx for answer.

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No problem. I hope the issue of having Armory exist in the viewport will be resolved in the (near) future. But, I understand your concern about not being able to replicate stuff in Armory. I think that they’ve added a bunch of new logic nodes in the default bundle, since a few versions ago. So, it may be worth it to look at what they have.

Hope it works out.