[SOLVED] Why can't I see networking in the new armsdk via Git

Why can’t I see Networking in the new SDK of git?

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Are you sure you downloaded using the Update SDK Armory button in your User Preferences, which then uses Git to download the latest files from Github?

Here’s a good tutorial on how to do so if you haven’t or are unsure:


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If you don’t know how to use Git, networking is included in the latest Armory release. Feel free to download it from Itch instead.

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Can Networking connect to the third-party server of node websocket?

To quote the person who integrated the Armory networking library:

To make it easier for those who use translators:

“yea of course, our nodes however are using bytes and buffers even for a string so to keep that in mind if hes using the nodes rather then the network class in haxe scripting.”

Thank you for your thoughtful reply