[SOLVED] Why won't my animation start?

animation.blend (903.4 KB)
Where is the mistake?

Object constraints are not supported. So you will have to bake the animations and then use them.

animation.blend (1.3 MB)
baked but still can’t play :frowning:

Well, it does not work in blender as well. I noticed that you did not bake the animations properly…The animation never changes and the object transform through the animation is constant. Hence the bone did not move.

A few points in addition:

  1. What you are trying to do here is animating the Armature object itself. And not the bone in the Armature. This does not work well in Armory. You can either animate the bones in the armature (in pose mode for example) or animate only the object (Cube in this case using the same constraint).
  2. After baking, remember to remove the curve constraint. So only the animation on the bone (or object) remains.
  3. When baking animations, some other object animations are also baked. So please take care to bake animations only to the cube. You can do this by Pose > Animation > Bake Action in Pose mode Or Object > Animation > Bake Action in Object mode.

Here is the fixed file, with the animations baked on to Cube object:
animation_fixed.blend (944.3 KB)


Thank you Quantum.

I like this new node.

Version 2023.03 <3<3