[SOLVED] Write json node can't write file once I've loaded it

I can write the file with no problems, even overwriting it, but once I loaded it I cant write it again untill I close and run again.

Blender’s console shows the latest coordinates that I try to save, but when I load the json it always loads the first values.

jsonTest.blend (745.0 KB)

Here is a test file where you can use WASD or the left stick to move a cube, press SPACE or START to save a json with the position of the cube as a vector, then press L or SELECT to load that json and apply it as the cube’s new location.

Is this behaviour intended? Am I doing something wrong?

It looks like a problem with Read JSON. The action when the play button is pressed is as @Quartz says, but when you publish with Krom, it freezes at the timing when the first Read JSON is executed.

True, and when I play in HTML5 writing and reading don’t seem to do anything.
Should I report a bug on the github?

The “Write JSON” logic node is currently dedicated to Krom. It cannot be used with HTML5 targets.

This could be avoided by saving the json file “cubeLoc” in the “Bundled” folder before publishing.

It seems that it has already been reported.

I see you’ve already committed a solution, thanks.