Some Armor Paint issues [+Linux]

Hi there,
First of all, thanks for making this software and I hope with all users support we can give good feedback and make it better. I started to work a little bit with Armor Painter on my Linux Mint 19 (XFCE) with NVidia 650 GTX, but I still get below problem with black holes:

beside, I found also some minor problems like:

  1. there’s no undo/redo for node section
  2. it would be nice to split node section for second window (advantage for 2nd monitor work option)
  3. refresh option doesn’t work for layer section (moving layers up and down need to be confirmed with clicking on the layer)
  4. mixRGB node seems not work at all (Blue + Red = Blue (?) )

BR, Marek

I am having the same problem, but it is happen in both OS. I am using a Windos 10 and a Linux Fedora 29, and my PC is using a GTX 1080ti and a AMD 8350.
The program closes too everytime that I try to importa a simple model to it.