Some difference in performance between this nodes setup?

Hi! Many doubts here :thinking:

I wonder if i have various of On Update node, each one connected to different nodes groups it will have less performance than if i connect a single On Update node to all this nodes.

The same goes for nodes like Get Mouse Movement: if i repeat it many times instead of reusing its outputs in different nodes is there some performance difference? It is really pain to connect distant nodes and the wires becomes easily confuse. In this case i know that they may output different values and may have a bigger processing in the math for example, but what about the functions?

About this feature: Captura de tela de 2020-11-19 19-54-19

Is it ignored by Armory and affects only the layout of the tree inside Blender or Armory also will have an extra process?

And for last, any performance benefit by using Function node?

Thanks in advance!


This reasoning is very abstract. To understand what the performance is in certain situations, you need to create these situations and carry out measurements (synthetic tests, benchmarking). If a problem is found, then you need to look for solutions, and without a problem it is a waste of time and resources.

You will agree with the statement:
If the performance in the situations described by you is really lower than it can be, BUT this does not affect the game, and the developers and players do not feel problems. As a result, there is no point in optimizing.

The optimization process is an endless process, you can come to the conclusion that it will be very difficult or impossible to use it (due to the huge number of conventions and settings).

Again, optimization can be done at the game development level. An example with the Get Mouse Movement node: you can from one place, when updating, store the values ​​in the properties (Set property), and in other places use these values. But you need to follow the sequence of execution so that the values ​​are stored first, and then they are used. This imposes certain requirements on the architecture and structure of the game.
Therefore, if necessary, you can write guides for such optimizations.

But in order to understand the need, examples and tests are needed.
Make Armory slow down due to the Get Mouse Movement knot. :slight_smile: