Some ideas for Discord server

  1. Use to clean up messages from #showcase that have no attachment. So keep it clean from chit-chat. Only Reactions! This way it be much cleaner and with relevant stuff.

  2. Create channel #seeking-talent. Like if you need some ppl for your new idea, you can fill a google form with all necessary info, and admin will paste it on the channel if its relevant. It also stays clean this way and ppl why want to work on something (that ain’t own ideas) can apply and contact given person. Nothing serious probably for now, but still…

If you find 1 or 2 useful (want it), put an comment, like “1 yes, 2 no” or “1 yes, 2 yes”, etc.
And optionally some textual comment on the thing.

And we give results to Mods.

Thank you!

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1-> yes
2-> yes
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