Some issues on Linux

This video shows some of Armory issues on Linux:

Unfourtunately, the voice didn’t record.

As you can see, most of them are at the world tab features.
I hope this helps and that they can be soon fixed:)

Some aspects to mention:

  • PCSS looks slightly weird.
  • The reflections ain’t enabled by default(should be).
  • Effects(except for clouds) don’t seem to work. Clouds work well, maybe could be a bit more performance-friendly, though.
  • VGI and volumetric fog makes the Armory not start at all.
  • In the editor some of inputs don’t accept inputted text.

Why don’t you use the github tacker for reporting bugs?! That’s what it is for in the first place. There should be a sticky post or something about this, it makes no sense to report these things here

Hi! I usually would, but I than thought - would it be good idea to post a whole list of stuff in Github? Cause here I have collected all the issues I could find at this moment.

Well, I’m not the authority around here so I might be wrong, but still, I would think that github is the right place for these sort of things. Issues can be split up, referenced, etc. there are a lot of tools there to help out with organizing this stuff, not so much in forums.

Agreed, github is the way to go

Here it goes…