Some node usability suggestions

  • It’s very time consuming to open the node search, binding that to a key would be nice. I’d like to open it with rmb, like blueprint does.

  • I like it that the nodes can be colored but I’d like to see the nodes come with a colored title that represents the nodes type. That way one can immediately recognize the node without having to read the title.

  • Colored lines (connections) that indicate what type of data is “going through them”.

  • collapsing nodes into a “function node”. This is must for complex projects.

  • adding comments with one key: selecting nodes and then pressing the C key for example.

  • splitable pins where data can be input manually. This will save a lot of space since less nodes are needed.

  • adding “rerouts” (those points that can be created via shift + cut motion) via shift + click. If lines are very close together a rerout is created that binds them all together which is the absolute opposite of what they are used for.

  • lmb/rmb into empty space should deselect everything

  • when using the rectangle selection nodes should only be added when pressing shift. I’ve been creating a ton of doubles because selecting adds nodes automatically.

-M key to mute nodes like blender normally does would also be nice for bug tracing etc…


  • Context sensitive search: You select a Vector 3 output and start drawing a connection, press
    “space” and a list of all Vector 3 node actions will be displayed to choose one from.


  • Tags for referencing objects

I’ll add all suggestions to the list.

.1. You can map that key yourself, right-click “Search” in the shift-a menu, click add shortcut and press the key you want it to be.
.4. That has been requested for quite some time now, people are aware of that and I hope somebody will do that soon. I made a workaround in logic_pack, the function nodes, I discribed them here.

Many of these like the selecting all, rerouts (which are already available) and rectangle select are how blender works. These should not change because then these nodes would work differently then the rest of blender. One of the biggest things blender/armory offers in that everything works the same. If you are new to both armory and blender you will just have to get used to the way that blender works and accept that part of it.

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Context sensitive search would be great.

You select a Vector 3 output and start drawing a connection, press “space” and a list of all Vector 3 node actions will be displayed to choose one from.

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That again would be something that has to fit into the blender way of doing things. While it would be nice there must be some reason why it is not in any of the other node systems that exist in blender.

See it as some small improvment and usability.

Why Armory should stick exactly as Blender when it could get small improvments here and here making it faster and better to use ?
Perhaps Armory should not try to extend nodes functionality, this is what you mean.

BrahRah propositions are not so bad, there is many good ideas, perhaps some should not be implemented, perhaps others would make logic nodes lot better to use to logic node users.

Perhaps this should stay a discussion, and let Lubos decide is something other people made should be included in Armory or not.
He is the best to know what Armory should get or not as new features and improvments :smiley:

I totally agree with the last statement. But, what I mean by blender way is that somehow what ever armory does needs to work inside blender and if righ tclicking to add a node, for example, doesn’t exist with in blender then someone has to write all the custom code to make blender do that and that may not get added to the blender official version. We want to take advantage of all blender has to offer in the future so we need to stay in those standard parameters.

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A context search as i explained before, i think it’s an addition, not modifying Blender , but proposing an additional search tailored for Armory logic nodes game engine.
It’s and addition for usability.
Again only Lubos will tell if it is good or not to make it and integrate it in Armory.

Well … i let new features propositions and discussions to others users :sweat_smile:
I think i covered Armory enough :joy:

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@MagicLord I do however really like the idea tags - I wonder if it would be possible to create a node that combines the set property and object node with the option to add as many properties as you want. That way when you could reference an object and get all the properties with it automatically. You would have to set them all up once but in other game engines you have to do that too. You need to set a tag for each object in Unity for example (execpt I think you can do that to multiple objects at once) but it would be a huge step in the right direction.

Any ideas from the people following this thread?

Again, I agree that it would be awesome I just don’t know if it fits in what blender can do. Actually I take that back. It could be done because animation nodes used ctrl-a to bring up the search as opposed to the shift-a to bring up the list. I assume this would have to be done in the python or main code of the Add on as opposed to haxe script that the engine itself uses.

You know, there is lot of addons to make Blender better.
They exist to make it easy and more usable because Blender does not have the perfect features or workflow :sweat_smile:

Those are only few examples that make things more manageable and more usable.

I don’t know how Blender 2.8 will be, but many things will stay as addons because it will not cover all needs and perhaps some areas won’t improve about usability.

I understand however some things would change too much Blender foundation perhaps would not be good to include as Blender changes continuously.

I don’t really understand the idea tags, if you have more info on them I’d like to add them to the list.

A Tag is a reference word which you can assign to one or more GameObjects
. For example, you might define “Player” Tags for player-controlled characters and an “Enemy” Tag for non-player-controlled characters. You might define items the player can collect in a Scene
with a “Collectable” Tag.

Tags help you identify GameObjects for scripting purposes. They ensure you don’t need to manually add GameObjects to a script’s exposed properties using drag and drop, thereby saving time when you are using the same script code in multiple GameObjects.

Tags are useful for triggers in Collider
control scripts
; they need to work out whether the player is interacting with an enemy, a prop, or a collectable, for example.

Very usefull i might say.

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Ohh ok just tags I know what tags are used for. I thought “idea tags” was a thing. Tags are very powerfull wouldn’t want to miss them.

M key to mute nodes like blender normally does would also be nice for bug tracing etc…

p.s. plz move this thread to the new nodes forum too

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It dosen’t “collapse” nodes, but I did get a node function setup working. You can create functions in node frames to help organize them and you can call the functions from nodes in the same or different trees and also from Haxe.

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@zicklag - did you happen to add these nodes to the Logic pack on Github?

They’re actually in Armory 0.6 now! No logic pack necessary, but it will require the git version of Armory until 0.6 is released.

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