Some questions on python code and examples

I’m really amazed by this project and its potential. Great job!
I’ve started reading the code and I must say that it’s indeed very efficient and clean! which mostly makes up for the lack of comments.

I’ve spotted the following possible fixes in the python part:

  1. Replace all star imports (“from x import *”).
  2. Replace elif series by a switch statement (with dict mapping). I’m not sure how much faster it would run though (e.g. how often is “” called?).
  3. Resolve all mutual imports.

These are the first things that occurred to my while reading. I’m still learning Python, so I could be wrong. However if you are interested I can fix them and make a pull request ( no. (3) could be a bit problematic though).

Also question about the game examples, like the latest awesome space station demo and the upcoming one. Are they using BGE?
Are there any plans on having a completely separate game template, some minimal setup, utilizing only blender and armory api’s? Would it make sense? Because BGE seems to be really obsolete.

Thank you for the incredible work so far and releasing the source!


Armory is integrated in Blender ( with Python) but it’s not based on BGE because it’s an external Engine based on Iron ( core engine ) which is based on Kha ( framework ) which is based on Haxe ( programming language ).

Despite of the apparently complex structure it’s a clear example of the power of free software where thanks to a community of coders we can produce great projects.

Thank you for the reply!

I understand that Armory is not based on BGE.
I was asking about the space station demo. As I understand the demo was made in BGE with the help of BGE nodes. Then with the blender part in armory all geometry, shaders and nodes get exported to the iron to run. Is it correct?
Therefore I was thinking of a new game example that would just use blender api to get all assets from a blend files, and then have a minimal implementation of the gaming engine, with rendering, audio, physics and whatever else possible from iron.

Are you talking about this demo?

BGE stand for Blender Game Engine and it is not used for the demo because the “Spaceship Interior” uses Armory Engine.

Anyway the demo will be available soon so we can test it directly :slight_smile:

On the Python edits - please do if you get to it! All pull-requests greatly welcome. :slight_smile: Some of the Python sources (build system) are quite ugly, plan to rework that a little in the future. There is not that much code there so making it more compact and cleaner should be doable.