Sound only playing for a couple of seconds

I have added sound to my game as per Lubos’ instructions but the sound files will only play for a couple seconds. This is fine for sounds such as those when an item is picked up as they are less than a second long but I have a couple sounds such as a clock ticking which goes on for longer and this sound is cut off after a couple seconds. Is their a setting how long the sound file should play or something like that or is it another setting I am missing. Thanks

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While not quite the same issue, I am finding that my game locks up when using the play speaker option while seeming to work fine with the play sound. Is anyone else having the same issue? BTW I am using nodes and not code for this.

Both “play sound” and “play speaker” work for me, at least with wav or ogg files (mp3 do not work).
Shorter sounds, like a clock, can be looped in the speaker settings.
I experience no “cut off”, the sound just plays as longs as it is. I tried a longer music piece from here:

(just downloaded the “video”-file, no conversion, it just worked)
and it played the whole 13min.
I use Armory_05_win64_b28 on Win 10, 64bit, SDK-update today.

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Thanks @Arnd - I am using 2.79 and a older computer, perhaps those are the issues in the long run. I will keep trying as I keep updating armory. I can’t see moving to 2.8 for now because I am creating tutorials and so much just doesn’t work yet or is changing to fast. Maybe I should start a small project in 2.8 to see the differences.