SpaceX Dragon in Armory

Ported this .blend to Armory

Most challenging were making the metal materials look ok, since metals are mostly black in Armory right now. The original was edited in V0.3, but then I had to move back to V0.2 since I wanted to try out how it looks with VXGI, which is broken in the new version. The picture is the version with VXGI.

Also made a version that can run in your Browser, it is here. Move around with WASD, it is a bit sluggish since the movement was only an afterthought.


What did you do to make the metal materials not black ?

That’s really cool! :slight_smile: - Is the background just a flat texture (ie. on a dome) or is it an HDR map?

It is an 360 image, not sure if it is hdr

I used the Armory PBR nodegroup and set Metallic to about 0.7 and adjusted the roughness so it looked ok.

Awesomeness! vxgi should be also back in order now. :slight_smile:

Great! Love spaceX and Musk :smiley:

Great project ! in my setup ( Linux AMDGPU RX580 Mesa ) it’s darker than reference image you posted:

Hm, time to finally get an AMD card for testing.

I used a different light setup in the image, the browser version would be even daker with the same one since VXGI is not possible there.

its same thing on Intel’s integrated hd graphics.

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