Spawn an Object as Instanced Children with haxe

How can I spawn an object as instanced children? I took the instancing example and add a new Trait to the scene with following code:

package arm;
class MyTraitduplicate extends iron.Trait {
	var suzanne:iron.object.Object;
	public function new() {

		notifyOnInit(function() {
		suzanne ="Suzanne");"Suzanne", suzanne, function(go) {
				go.transform.loc.x = 0;
				go.transform.loc.x = 0;
				go.transform.loc.z = 8;

I expected the result like the left picture, such as I do it manually (only one more linked object / no copied mesh):

But with my code I get the result from the right picture (Instead of one more linked object, the whole mesh is copied).

For a simulation project i need the ability to spawn many objects, that share the same very big mesh. So for a better performance and less memory consumption I don’t want to have multiple copies of the same mesh.

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Why do you have already two meshes on the left side?

The ground plane is a separate mesh.