Spawn Object node and keep the characteristics of input object

When using the Spawn Object node, it seems that the new object don’t keep all the characteristics of the input Object when this one was modified before (dimensions, rotation).

If I am true, what must be done to be sure to get the same objet at everytime ?

Try the get transforms node and plug it into the the transforms input of the spawn node.

Thanks @donalffons
It’s affectively what I use too … but maybe is there a reason why it’s not already done inside the Spawn node ?

The spawn node with no transform input always spawns the object at the origin with zero rotations and identity scale. There are many situations, in which you might want to spawn the same object at different locations (with different rotations & scales) in your scene. Therefore it makes sense to have the option to change those parameters, no?!

Yes, I agree with you.

But I met spawn objects that wasn’t same as the object at the origin (some value kept or not … exemple x,y and not z).

Using Transforms is then necessary to be sure … but I also wondering if that’s reliable too as I met unexpected results (I didn’t found why and maybe others met same curiosities too)

Maybe too a new “SpawnOriginal” node could be created instead and the actual Spawn could create a new “as is” object.