Spawn Object Node - Number of spawned objects increases exponentially

Hi there, I noticed a strange behaviour of the Spawn Object - Node. Here is my setup.

On pressing “a” it spawns the cube-object at a random location, that it takes from the spheres array. I want to spawn in one cube at a time at a random location but this works only with the first time I press “a”, for on every subsequent time I press “a” it keeps increasing the number of spawns exponentially, that is 1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 … cubes are beeing spawned. Is this behaviour of the Spawn Object-Node intentional? How do I limit the number of spawned cubes in my setup to one?


please read or alternatively Spawning Objects makes Armory3D game Lag, it’s probably caused by the fact that the above logic tree is part of the spawned cube itself.


… more cubes than atoms in the univers … I get it. Thanks for your quick reply and showing me a way to solve the problem.