Spawning Object Freezes Game?

I’m new to Armory so sorry if this is something simple or common. So I was following the tank tutorial posted on the Armory Github (this one) and ran into an issue when trying to spawn bullets. When pressing the button to trigger the fire event, the game immediately freezes and doesn’t respond. Everything else (including blender) is responsive. I am not sure if this is a problem with my hardware or not. My pc specs are a Ryzen 5 3600, Gigabyte GTX 1650 Super, 16GB of 3200mhz ram, MSI B450 motherboard. Does anyone know how to solve this or whats causing it?

Here are the files:
(I’m a new user so I can’t directly upload)


There seems to be an issue with the Spawn Object node in the FireTree trait. I think Iron goes into an endless loop in


Hi @Quantum83

First, I need a bit more information about your issue.

  1. What version of Blender you use
  2. What version of Armory you use
  3. You can enable the Blender Console at Blender>>Window>>Toggle System Console. Then, you get to see any warnings/errors.
  4. Enable Blender>>Render Properties>> Armory Project >> Flags >> Verbose output. This enables us to see detailed export messages. Then, please post the error message here.

That said,
Somehow I am unable to compile and run the given example. I get the following error on my side:

Trace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'hxBytes' of undefined
    at Function.haxe_io_Bytes.ofData (<anonymous>:6012:13)
    at Function.kha_LoaderImpl.loadBlobFromDescription (<anonymous>:25943:48)
    at Function.kha_Assets.loadBlobFromPath (<anonymous>:25030:17)
    at Function.iron_data_Data.getBlob (<anonymous>:9217:13)
    at iron_data_Probe.setIrradiance (<anonymous>:10781:19)
    at new iron_data_Probe (<anonymous>:10738:7)
    at new iron_data_WorldData (<anonymous>:10683:3)
    at <anonymous>:10700:3
    at Function.iron_data_Data.getSceneRaw (<anonymous>:9041:3)
    at Function.iron_data_WorldData.parse (<anonymous>:10694:17)

@QuantumCoderQC I got the same issue first, disabling radiance/irradiance helps. Maybe some files are missing in the uploaded project.

Thank you for the reply.

After some checking, I think the Global event nodes are at fault here, and not the SpawnObject node. If you replace the spawn object with a print node, you get continuous prints for a single event call. This must be somehow fixed.

Edit: It is a poor game logic rather than a bug. The event nodes work as expected.


Hi again,

Here is the modified file that solves some issues

The changes made are:

  1. Un-check the Irradiance option in Rener Path settings (I guess some textures were missing in the shared file)

  2. Remove traits FireTree and P1Shoot form Bullet1Empty (To prevent unintended looping)

  3. Remove traits FireTree and P1Shoot form Bullet1 (To prevent unintended looping)

  4. Change Down to Started in Keyboard Node in the trait P1Shoot (Spawn only 1 bullet per keypress, This can be changed back if needed).

Here is the modified file


Thanks for the help!

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