Splitcreen exemple not working with environnement texture

I’m trying to make a splitscreen game, so I used the available example (script on scene trait). It works well with meshes but fails when adding an environnement texture.

Camera :
Result :
As you can see, the world is continuous between camera and camera.001.
Is there a way to have a functionnal splitscreen with environnement texture ?

It seems like you found a corner case / bug, I suggest reporting this as an issue in the armory github repo if it’s not there already, also include a minimal reproduction project if you can, it helps debugging your particular case faster.

I’m not really a github man, I don’t even have an account on this platform.
Would someone be nice enough to report this for me ? I join the blend exemple here : split_screen.blend (2.9 MB)

thanks in advance,

Ok, though I noticed your attachment is missing a SplitScreen.hx file while testing :smile:.

Oups, sorry :sweat_smile:
I’m not authorized to post a zip, so I post the missing file, but you have to put it in the right place…SplitScreen.hx (1020 Bytes)
(the right place is .\Sources\arm)
hope it’s OK,
you are a nice guy, man.

Yeah file uploading is a bit restrictive…

Mmm, now that I can test it and I could take a look into it, I’m not sure what is the issue that pertains to split screen. I couldn’t reproduce the issue on the picture, so another test I did is align the two cameras to see if one render incorrectly but the two showed the same image.

Maybe it’s more of a problem with how Armory renders environment textures with a normal camera setup or there is something I missing?

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here is the result I get with the exemple I uploaded :
There should be a rim in the background in the middle of the image. You can also notice that the reflection on the left ball is wrong.
It’s like the environnement is calculated for the 2nd camera (perhaps erasing the calcul of the 1rst camera), then applied for the both cameras.

Ok now I understood what was the issue, here is the issue report: https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues/1546.

Thanks :slight_smile: