Sponza Scene

I deep cooperation with @Simonrazer, we have converted and are improving Sponza scene for Armory3d. Main goal is to stress test and showcase Armory3d capabilities. Also to catch some bugs and find place for improvements.

Sources under https://github.com/trsh/Armory3DSponza/tree/master and https://github.com/trsh/Armory3DSponza/tree/latest (for hot additions)


Forward tenderer, no GI.
Thanks @AndreaMonzini for SS.


Made a little showcase video of it:


Wow. What a nice presentation of GI features in Sponza. Applauding!
And your FPS never dropped under 60, and that’s also great :), I can’t wait for Lubos to fix that GI error Im having to also test out.

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That’s awesome! :clap:

Tested the looks of baking the lightning, here result after ~40min (on gtx1060) (without counting rebakes because of mistakes + Blender crashes)


Denoising is definitely required for bigger scenes, Source engine would have baked this probably in 10min with better quality.
I won’t be able to upload this version on Github since the .blend is now 133mb.

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