SSR needs more documentation

currently, the worst graphical problem I have faced is that SSR is problematic, and a look at the documentation just isn’t the help I need:

and most of the SSR scripts that I find online don’t have identical variables, the closest was this:

credits to Unigine, tho I wasn’t able to find “step size” & “rays” in Armory.
I would appreciate the help!

Yeah, generally there’s probably a lot more on the screen-effects page, that I could have described back then - I’ve been too lazy to finish it.

Now, this might not be correct, but it’s how I’ve understood it:

Step - I’m not exactly sure if this is the amount of actual steps, or the size of the steps - I presume this is the size, since the max-steps loop in the shader (which would otherwise be the actual maxSteps value) is set to 18. For each step, the amount of binary search steps (numBinarySearchSteps/rays?) is set to 8.

StepMin - Minimum size of the step I think. It seems to have a lot to say for the quality. Notice for instance how the reflected perpendicular edges become more jagged as the minimum size increases.

Search - It’s the search distance of the rays, basically the higher the search distance is, the further the rays will search.

Falloff - This seems to have a bigger effect on surfaces that aren’t fully reflective, such as the concrete in this example. Adjusting it plays well together with the roughness maps of the material.

Jitter - As the name suggests, it jitters the reflected results from the rays(?) and can be used to alter the result of the rougher surfaces:

So, to sum it up (generalized):

Step and StepMin can be seen as something like quality or resolution - Too little and you don’t get much, too high values leads to “holes” that the rays doesn’t cover.

Search is the distance from the reflective objects that the rays will search.

Falloff and jitter regulates how rougher reflective surfaces will display the reflected results/objects.


Thanks, @Naxela! I appreciate the time you put in this post!

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great man good work!

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Yeah, it would be great to put this in the official docs.

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That’s beautiful, would also love to display it in the docs if possible. :slight_smile:

Sure :slight_smile: - I’ve also written quite a bit more description to fill up the screen-effects page, so I’ll make a push(/pull?) request one of these days