Starting up with something else then Armory Renderer

Wouldn’t it be possible to allow the other renderer options, Cycles engine, Blender Internal and Blender Game Engine, to keep being used when we open a new file instead of always force Armory. When we save something made in Armory would be good if it opened in Armory next time, but if we save something in Cycles or Blender Internal it would be better if it continued to be those renderers next time we open the file.

I think I get what you are saying and if it is what I think it is that you are talking about then here here.

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I apologize… my written English takes me more time than the one I have by these days :slight_smile:
Tomorrow I’ll make it crystal clear.

I understand. Take your time.

If it is what I also think it is then it is a bug, not intention :slight_smile: Will try to get it sorted by next build.

Running Armory directly from the Preview Build folder.
While trying to replicate the bug, I’ve noted that it partially it’s solved in the most recent build.
This is the bug I’m getting:

Before no matter in which renderer I saved, the next time I opened the file it would always open in Armory, but now it’s recognizing just fine the Blender internal and the Blender Game:

So… I’m not sure if it is only happening to me this.

Should be fixed for Cycles too in the next build, thanks for detailed report!

Also for the first-time runners of bundled Blender version, Armory add-on will be enabled by default. Getting default cube to render in Armory will be just ‘save .blend & hit play’.