State machine editor

Will Blender 2.8 get states animations for games ?
Or should Armory consider getting one ?

I mean most popular games have characters and animations.

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This would be awesome. What you show here is the graphical (node based ) version right. Can this already be done in code or is it a totally separate thing?

You could code all states, all animations transitions and blending values.
While the graphic editor do all that that for you, it’s faster and more easy to manage animation states, and blending.

So we are looking at making more “nodes” here to help with development speed? Could/Would this fall into a part of the Logic node systems we have been discussing? I am not criticizing just seeing if we should add this to the discussion about that also.

I do realize other packages separate this into it’s own thing but would that be better for armory or just add it as another parts of the Logic node system?

Yeah, it would be completely possible to create just another tab in the node editor for something like “Animation Nodes”.

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Perhaps you can try or take a look at some Unreal 4 tutorials to understand how it works and how it is used ?

All animation states you make with nodes will work the way you design them without coding and without needing to declare and manage the state with code.
While states and transitions can be used in your code or logic nodes.

It’s the modern way animations are managed in most modern 3D engines.
I don’t know if Armory will get one, it can work without it, but states make it easy to manage the animations.

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Can you add this to Visual Node Suggestion
And can you please put those idea in that, instead of creating a whole new thread.
It would be easier to manage.
BTW That great idea, I thought of that too. But how are we going to make node for that :confused:. It requires Up, Down, Left, Right node connector but in node editor there are only Left and Right node connector.

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This is why i told previously Armory integrated in Blender but as a separate interface like Kha code editor. It would get more flexibility to manage it’s own graph animation window instead of trying to make it work on Blender that is not intended for game development.

Like the world generator a window launched from Blender , so you don’t leave Blender, but working without Blender.
There is many nodes open source tools more flexible able to do those, some could be included in Armory.

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check this

This may help
Can anyone implement it ?
And i think also seperate interface is the best option like canvas for example

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I love Blender3d and I hate Gimp :smiley:.

Why in the separate interface ?
We should create new Editor Type in Blender3D. And anyway you can set your workspace as you want (window > New window) :innocent:.

I like Armory3D for its Blender3d Integration.

But with seperate window you have more flexibility and you can make something similar to ue4.You still work inside blender