State of Debugging in 0.6

I noticed that the documentation was updated recently and states…

“Kode Studio contains debug support for Krom and lets you place breakpoints.”

Is this still the case? I’m still unable to hit any break points during debugging.
Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Seems a work to be done like here with How to get code completion when using Kode Studio? with autocompletion … “thus as said @Lubos, a way to quickly auto-generate build file when opening Kode Studio from Blender, so it can pick it up for code” and now here also for debugging.

Waiting for that to be done, I think that Lubos could set in the help minimal info on how to set you Kode Studio Preferences to do it asap, inspired by this page and this one

In order to not have to reset everything after each install, it’s the reason why I prefer to use a Kode studio installed appart than the image
Another advantage I see is that when you need to restart Armory (for example after modifying the, you don’t need to restart Kode Studio too.

I prefer your method for sure @Didier, I like opening Blender from the Kode console so I can total control over Blender & see all errors it throws. Or at least know more so then just using a shortcut/exe (or not even worry about Blender being open and work on the codey side of stuff). :wink: Anyway, would you care to elucidate on how you set up your Kode? So far my setup isn’t an exact science so I’d like to hear if yours is more bullet proof. Perhaps the info could be included in the Armory wiki at some point as well.


I use VSCode with a whole lot of plugins, so I don’t use Kode Studio and can’t use the Krom debugger, but I did get the autocomplete working fine. Did you have trouble with that?

Nah, I haven’t tried lately but it was more an issue with the debugging (though that sounds like its still sort of half baked/incomplete anyway). Thanks for the reply though @zicklag!

The Krom debugger comes with the Kha extension pack for vscode and works the same way it does in Kode Studio.

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Oh, really! That would be great. I thought that it was one of the things that only worked in Kode Studio, because there was some limitations to the VSCode plugin last I remember.

You thought wrong…

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