Statistics for nodes usages

When within a project with lot of traits, it could be great to have a kind of logic node statistics tool to see used nodes and to be able to jump to them with a click … maybe an idea that @lubos already planed for the next futur version of Armory ?

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It sounds like something that could be quite useful. I’m not sure if it’s something Lubos currently has planned, but if not it still doesn’t sound like something that should be too hard to make in python in general.

Would there be anything fancy that you’d want to see in it, or would something like this be sufficient?


Thinking to something like a list of nodes (with a filter /search available) and with the possibility to jump to a node by a simple clic on it in this list for example.

Another idea would be to have a practical way when handling large quantities of nodes, to jump from one block of nodes to another… and maybe directly zoom in it. :face_with_monocle: